calming the mind

Calming the Mind

If you would like to find natural ways to calm your mind, reframe your thinking and enhance your emotional wellbeing then look no further.

If you would like to find natural ways to calm your mind, reframe your thinking and enhance your emotional wellbeing then look no further. These sessions can support you to reduce stress and anxiety and give you life tools.

In my coaching and hypnotherapy sessions I can teach you breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises and visualisation/self-hypnosis practices. These can take you out of your present ‘state’ of mind, build in new pathways and reframe your current thinking patterns. You will build your own tool kit to use when required.

Many of these patterns and ways of thinking have developed due to what is called ‘faulty matching patterns’, which is a term used to describe certain habitual ways of thinking that have developed from previous events, perceptions or memories.

In the sessions we will explore these patterns of thinking and get to the route of where they came from. I will support you to change your mindset by reframing these responses, rewire your thinking and enable you to have a clear, calm mind.

You may have heard the term ‘neuroplasticity’, neuro meaning the nervous system and plasticity meaning to be shaped or moldable. This means that your mind has the ability to change the neural pathways in the brain by the use of repetition.

Using hypnotherapy, guided visualisation and neurolinguistic programming we can build on your strengths and work together to build in new habits and routines. I can support you to find a practice that resonates with you, and I will record you bespoke MP3/audios to listen to go into a calm state, easily and naturally.

The challenges of modern life, including the current pandemic can have an impact on our state of mind and ability to remain calm and positive. Therefore, it is important to find ways to stay well on an emotional and physical basis. As the mind and body are connected, we need to find ways to enhance our emotional wellbeing, to feel more in control, build resilience and gain equilibrium.

The stress of modern life can impact on our nervous and immune system and if we experience too much stress over a long period of time this can deplete the main functions of the body. You may have heard of the fight/flight/ freeze response which is our response to danger, threats or response to the demands of our modern world. These physical responses such as heighted adrenaline can serve us well in the short term as it can give us energy and drive, but if prolonged this can cause ill-health.

If we do not have healthy ways to counteract the stress response and calm from the adrenaline and cortisol, our nervous systems can be depleted and we may experience lethargy, anxiety, sleep issues, brain fog and sometimes depression. Using these techniques, you can learn new ways to rebalance, calm your mind and reset.

If this is something that interests you please look at my contact page and e mail me for further information or to book a free 30 minute initial call or zoom consultation.

I look forward to meeting you 😊

‘‘Clare is an absolutely amazing guide and therapist. I did a program of both coaching and hypnotherapy with Clare, who worked with my anxiety and chronic health problems. It was a hugely positive, healing and supportive experience. The two modalities work so well in synergy, and Clare is a truly supportive, empathetic and gentle guide. She makes you feel so comfortable that just talking to her is uplifting and hope-restoring, and she also taught me some invaluable tools and techniques to support my healing journey.

The hypnotherapy sessions have been absolutely amazing – Clare is very gifted and intuitive about knowing exactly where you need to be guided on a very deep level. I have never failed to have a deep and powerful experience during her sessions. Because Clare has so many different modalities that she brings together, her guidance would be uniquely suited to a wide range of clients and issues. She has a unique and intuitive gift for gently guiding you into a space where you’re able to find clarity and insights within yourself – and therefore achieve the most powerful and lasting change. I always looked forward to each of our sessions and left them feeling uplifted and positive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clare to anyone looking to heal, make a shift, or create a better life for themselves’’.

Charlie, Hampshire
Smoking Cessaation
Breaking cigarette

Smoking Cessation

My approach to smoking cessation hypnotherapy changes the unconscious mind of a smoker to an effortless non-smoker.

​Become a true non-smoker

I trained in smoking cessation with Uncommon Knowledge, owned by highly experienced hypnotherapy practitioners Mark Tyrell and Roger Elliott.

I have developed my own personalised programme and scripts with their guidance, and I now offer a bespoke smoking cessation package. I will do an in-depth initial consultation with you to find out more about you, your journey and experiences.

I will then develop and build a personalised package of hypnosis sessions and recordings that help you unpick the reasons why you have previously been a smoker and are now choosing to become a non-smoker.

These sessions not only empower you to become a non-smoker, but they will also teach you relaxation skills that you can use throughout your life and once you are a non-smoker these tools help you relax, slow down, get into a positive mindset and take a natural deep breath.

I too was addicted to smoking and it was through hypnotherapy that I become a non-smoker myself. I initially did this 20 years ago and the impact of this inspired me to eventually become a hypnotherapist myself.

I found however, that although I did stop smoking, or so I thought, I sometimes socially smoked. This wasn’t because the hypnotherapy didn’t work, but because I wasn’t ready to totally quit and hadn’t made this decision on a conscious level.

I pretended that social smoking was ok as had had control over this, but I realised I hadn’t really made the decision to be a non-smoker yet and was preparing myself. Once I consciously made this decision and through self-hypnosis, I quit for good and became a non-smoker, feeling free and relaxed around other smokers and never feel tempted by this anymore.

I can help people quit who been smoking all their adult lives, even 40 a day, people who dabble, who vape and ultimately those who want to be free from the chains that hold you back.

Imagine what it would be like not have to think about smoking, not be addicted to nicotine or having that sensation of nicotine withdrawal enticing you in. Imagine not having to be bound by something, where you feel free and calm naturally and build in positive new relaxation techniques at the same time!

If you are ready and want to break the chains of a smoking habit and become a non-smoker, then get in touch and come with on the journey to a new and free you 😊

‘‘I really cannot recommend Clare highly enough. She is a truly amazing practitioner who helped me give up smoking. I knew I really wanted to stop and I had to put the work in myself too, but the hypnotherapy with Clare gave me a huge amount of support to succeed and come through this feeling positive.

Clare really got to know me, the reasons I smoked and why I wanted to give up. She got to know what motivates me and what inspires me. She used this to create a really beautiful hypnosis tailored just to me. She recorded it and in the early days of giving up I would listen to it daily, and then only as and when I needed.

Clare is someone who you can be completely yourself with and totally trust. She is kind and gentle but with a real strength to hold the space so that you feel completely safe during the hypnotherapy.

Thank you so much Clare I am so grateful for your support’’.

Rebecca, Brighton
Smoking Cessaation
Baby hand


Having a baby, can be one of the most amazing and life changing experiences in your life.

To support you on this journey, I have developed my own hypnobirthing programme and once meeting you, will develop bespoke sessions that are unique to you. We will walk hand in hand to enable you, your baby and your partner/birth partner to have a positive birth experience.

I will teach you a range of relaxation techniques to enable you to take control, learn self-hypnosis and manage the surges in labour which will support you through your pregnancy and labour. These techniques will help you feel calm, in control, positive and the sessions will give you the opportunity to explore any fear, pre conceptions, and build a positive mindset in preparation for labour and your birth experience. This programme is tailored to your needs and you will have personal scripts that resonate with you.

I offer a free telephone/zoom consultation and 30 minute bespoke virtual taster session in the comfort of your home. The taster session teaches simple, natural, breathing and relaxation techniques and gives you an insight into whether the course is right for you. I will also recommend further reading of ante natal advice and guidance and recommend starting the course any time after 20 weeks.

We are all different and have our own experiences and personalities and these sessions will be a time for me to get to know you on a personal level, explore what support you require in an individual way and embed these new techniques into your daily life. You can do these sessions on your own or with your partner/birth partner/friend and these sessions will support you into motherhood; as these relaxation techniques can help in all areas of your life in order to calm, slow down and reset.

I look forward to sharing this part of your journey with you, Clare


‘‘Our hypnobirthing experience with Clare was everything that we could have hoped for. Clare helped us to develop a really positive mindset for the birth, and as a result I went into labour with a feeling of excitement and also empowerment, feeling as prepared as I could possibly be. Clare also made the experience fun, her lovely personality shone through and made the whole process really enjoyable for us both and something we looked forward to. We especially liked the way that Clare tailored the course to our needs…making sure she integrated relaxation exercises that were specific to our personal worries…we can’t recommend her enough!’’.

Simeran and Aaron
Smoking Cessaation
Man Sleeping

Sleep Support

Imagine how it will feel to be able to have that calming night’s sleep you have dreamt of, where you can drift off knowing you will awake feeling refreshed and have built in positive sleep routines!

Having sleep problems is so common now with the busy lifestyles we lead. We all have a range of responsibilities, such as: being parents, work schedules, studying and sometimes health issues. It doesn’t take much for these to impact on our sleep routine, however there is hope and I offer a bespoke package of coaching and hypnotherapy sessions to help you have that deep and refreshing sleep.

In the past I would normally fall asleep easily, but when I used to wake up in the night, my mind would keep racing. I would worry that I wouldn’t get back to sleep and I created thinking patterns that would prevent me from going back to sleep. I have now freed myself from this and I have learnt a range of calming techniques and sleep routines that have enabled me to feel confident about sleep again and fall back to sleep naturally and calmly.

I can support you to get to this place, using a range of relaxation techniques and mindset tools to help you reframe your thoughts about sleep and change habitual patterns. I will support you to build a new, calming and relaxing state of mind where you will view sleep as a time to relax, rest and reset. You can relax, as you will know how to reframe your thoughts if they do reoccur and have calming ways and a bespoke audio to help you go back to sleep peacefully.

My most common support package is 6 personalised sessions where we explore your sleep routines and discuss what may benefit you and prepare you for a good nights sleep.

The sessions will initially focus on historical issues related to your sleep patterns, any emotional or physical health issues related to this, we will look at habitual patterns, reframing these, triggers to not sleeping and start building new pathways for sleep support.

We will explore what is called ‘ Sleep Hygiene’ and discuss how to prepare your room, look at routines and suggestions of changes in lifestyle related to diet and caffeine/alcohol. During each session you will have a relaxation session based on hypnotherapy techniques that will prepare your mind for a positive sleep experience and enable you to fall back to sleep if you wake in the night.

I will also devise a bespoke hypnotherapy audio for you to listen to during the week to rewire your mind and embed positive suggestions around sleep.

If this sounds of interest to you, please get in touch for a free 30 minute telephone or zoom consultation and the prices of my packages here.

If you have any questions before booking a consultation, please send your questions and queries to my e mail.

I look forward to supporting you to have a peaceful and restorative sleep.

‘‘From the moment I met Clare I knew that she was a special person. Although we were complete strangers I felt very comfortable and relaxed (I even fell asleep in one session!)

I have not slept well for many years and decided that I just had to accept it. However after a few sessions with Clare I now sleep much better and during the day I have more energy and my concentration is so much better. More importantly I now have positive thoughts about sleep and I don’t worry about going to sleep anymore.

Thank you so much Clare, you have changed my life.’’.

Patricia, Saltdean
Sleep Support
Public speaking

Confidence & Public Speaking

If you are looking to gain confidence, overcome your fear of public speaking or change the way you look at yourself by gaining self-belief, you have come to the right place.

I will work with you in an individualised way to explore any apprehensions, phobias, preconceptions and past experiences related to your current circumstances.

I will support you to find new mindset tools that will enable you to feel confident, assertive, trust in your abilities, realise your potentials and overcome the barriers that have been holding you back.

We will also find out your strengths, talents, identify your goals and formulate a plan that resonates with you and your desired outcomes.

The two forms of intervention I offer are:

Option 1:

Free 30 minute initial consultation and agreed plan and contract/consent of working. We will decide at the consultation how many sessions you are likely to require and review this at the midpoint to evaluate your progress and agree the next stages.

We then start our 1: 1 hourly coaching sessions specifically focussed on identifying the route of your concerns, confidence building, overcoming any barriers, role play if desired, how to go into the zone of confidence and relaxation skills to help you remain calm and focussed.

Option 2:

The second option is a coaching and hypnotherapy package which includes a free 30 minute initial consultation and agreed plan and contract/consent of working. I will then devise 6 bespoke sessions of 1.5 hours each and you will receive an MP3/audio to listen to in between the sessions. The prices of my package are on my website under this link ( Package & Fees).

An example of this would be:

Session 1: Coaching to explore any fears, barriers, skills, strengths, resilience and relaxation session.

Session 2: Coaching on changing the mindset, reframing thought patterns and building in positive self-talk. This will also include a bespoke hypnotherapy session embedding positive suggestions and removing any fears/ phobias related to for instance public speaking.

Session 3: Coaching and hypnotherapy session removing some of the deeper unconscious patterns that have been holding you back. Building in new relaxation techniques that help you move into a positive mindset and build on your confidence and beliefs.

Session 4: Focussing on how you will be/feel when you are in the ultimate state required, using range of strategies and techniques to visualise your new imagined self. This will be a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy.

Session 5: Deeper hypnotherapy building in the new mindset, self-belief/talk and taking yourself to a place of deep relaxation and calm, where you will feel grounded and centered.

Session 6: Option of role play in preparation for the event/desired feeling or a hypnosis session actualising your new self, feeling confident and, embedding all the new techniques and mindset.

If either of these options appeal to you and you would like to find out some more information or to book a free 30 minute initial call/zoom consultation, please e mail me or visit my contact page.
Please also visit my Package and Fees page for further information.

Exam Nerves

Exam Support

Have you wondered what it would be like to feel confident before and during exams, have some mindset tools to help you relax or focus and learn breathing techniques to help you stay grounded?

Exams can be an unsettling time for people and being put under this pressure can cause stress and worry. This is a common reaction to exams, as having to demonstrate our learning and abilities in this way can make us feel overwhelmed.

What if I was to tell that I can support you through this time by teaching you relaxation techniques that will give you confidence not only during exams, but in your life in general. I can give you a ‘tool kit’ of different strategies you can use when under pressure and support you in finding ways that empower you, help you focus, improve your concentration and gain positive self-belief.

We can also look at any other pressures you may be experiencing that could affect your state of mind and support you to work through these areas of your life as well.

With my personalised sessions we can breakdown the reasons behind your nerves, look at ways to support you to feel more confident in yourself, your abilities, help you become more organised with time management, and support your concentration levels.

I will record a personalised MP3/audio for you to listen to at home that will help embed positive suggestions around your exams, help you feel in control, centred and enable you to reach a calm state of mind so that you can concentrate and focus.

If this sounds like something you would like support with then please get in touch to book a free 30 minute initial phone or zoom consultation. In this we can discuss how many sessions you are likely to require and to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you to gain a calmer mindset.