Privacy Policy

At Limeflower Wellbeing, I take the privacy of your personal data seriously and ensure I adhere to the general data protection regulations (GDPR), as outlined in the Data Protection Act 2018. The Data Protection Act underpins the legal obligations I must abide by, which protects your information, ensuring I only collect essential data for the purposes of the therapeutic intervention or related information requested with your consent.

My privacy notice explains what information I collect, why I require this information, how it will be stored and your rights to obtain this information.

Information collected by Limeflower Wellbeing

The initial information collected is likely to be taken from the contact form. The information requested includes:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Any further information you consent to sharing

This information is securely stored via webmail under my business e mail server. I will use this information to get in touch with you to potentially book in an initial consultation and obtain your phone number.

Upon obtaining only essential further information, I will store this data under your digital personal records file on my computer which will be password protected.

Mailing list/newsletter

If you have requested to be put on my mailing list; this information will be securely stored via MailChimp

Initial consultation

Once requesting an initial consultation, the further information I will require will be:

  • Phone number
  • Personal information related to request for therapy
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Marital Status
  • Medical details
  • GP
  • Next of Kin

Upon booking an initial consultation, I will send you a consent form to complete, terms and conditions, complaints procedure, and an initial consultation form. The initial consultation form and information are for the purposes of assessing your current circumstances and request for therapeutic intervention, medical issues, next of kin details for emergencies and your address for further correspondence. All this information is only required in order to be able to commence the therapeutic relationship, will be stored electronically and password protected.

How I store your information

The storage processes will be MailChimp, webmail, excel and word documents on your personal electronic file. All these are password protected and any paper copies will be stored in a lockable cabinet and kept for 7 years when all the documents will be destroyed.

Therapeutic sessions

The information you give me will only be used for the purpose of our sessions and for me to learn about your needs, therapy required, and any further information related to our sessions.

Once therapeutic intervention commences, I will write a summary of each session and store this electronically. You have the right to request this information in writing and this will be stored in your personal file for 7 years. After this period any paper or electronic information will be destroyed. Any paper copies will be filed in a lockable cabinet.


I adhere to strict confidentiality procedures and will not pass on any details, unless I am concerned about your welfare, the welfare of others and you present a risk of harming yourself or others. At this point I may have to share your information with your GP, my supervisor or in extreme cases emergency services. I will inform you when I must break the confidentiality procures; but this is in rare circumstances.


A requirement of being a member of the National Hypnotherapy Council (NCH) is that I must ‘’undertake a minimum of 30 minutes per month, or an average of six hours per year of contracted supervision with an NCH-listed supervisor’’.

I will only share a summary of the intervention, will not disclose your name, personal details or any further personal data. I will only share this if concerned about your welfare and you are at risk to yourself, or others as stated in confidentiality procedures above.

Updating records

Any new information required such as a change of address, contact details, GP or medical information will be your responsibility to inform me of. Once the sessions have formally ceased, I will only contact you if you have requested this at the time and/or have given consent to be on the mailing list, to receive the newsletter or if we have planned a session to review your progress which will be formally booked.

If you have any questions, please contact me on

Policy Statement review date 24 September 2022