What is Hypnotherapy?

​Hypnotherapy is a relaxation technique that enables you to reach a state similar to rapid eye movement/REM sleep.

It feels dreamy, rather than a deep sleep and similar to going into a light trance that we experience on a daily basis when for instance gazing out of the window or listening to music.

For a person to be hypnotised, it is important to enable the person to reach a relaxed state first, so they feel safe and calm.

This enables the body and mind to work in unison for their subconscious mind to take in any suggestions.

​People can only be hypnotised with permission and some are more susceptible than others. It is the practitioners role to build a rapport with their client in order of them to feel comfortable and trust the practitioner.

A hypnotherapist is very different to a hypnotist; whereby there will not be any ‘stage type tricks’ and there is a mutual agreement and consent for the therapy to take place; with the aim of this being a therapeutic relationship with an agreed goal. The client will go into a light trance and can come out of this easily and at will.

Hypnotherapy is a highly recommended tool to enable people to change habitual patterns, gain relaxation skills, pain relief and overcome barriers such as phobias or addictions.

The National Council of Hypnotherapy’s explanation of hypnotherapy is: