Bespoke Sessions

My bespoke sessions can support you to become more resilient, gain control and rediscover the natural resources you have within you to make the positive changes you desire. Once you have peace of the mind, you can gain a new perspective; and by taking this time out and caring for yourself; you can find your equilibrium.

As a wellbeing coach I use a range of modalities to support people on their journey of health. Once finding out more about you, your preferences and goals, I will use these different methods such as hypnotherapy, coaching, relaxation, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive behaviour techniques. Each modality supports with different areas of need such as reframing thought patterns, enabling you to get into a relaxing ‘state’ to change your mindset and embed positive suggestions to assist you in changing your perception, behaviour and previous responses.

Once booking an initial consultation, I will ask you to complete an initial consultation form, consent form and terms and conditions. In the initial consultation, we will decide what form of intervention feels right, your goals, desired outcomes and what package or individual sessions resonate. Within the sessions it is important for me to find out your preferences, values and any previous experience.

Each session will develop your current knowledge and learning, and you will discover new techniques and ways to support you on your journey and beyond. If you prefer a particular technique, we can focus on this and if hypnotherapy or relaxation techniques resonate with you, I will record a personalised audio for you to listen to at home in between the sessions.

In the hypnotherapy sessions I devise personalised scripts and visualisations based on your preferences, that have meaning for you. The coaching sessions implement different frameworks and a solution focussed approach to meet your goals. There may be exercises or audios to do in between sessions for reflection and to understand more about your current circumstances.

Please look at the ‘Package and Fees’ page to see the range of bespoke services and packages I offer and if you would like any further information or to book an initial consultation, please e mail me on the link below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

“I really can’t recommend Clare enough. She is gentle, reassuring and genuinely empathic. She really wants to understand your experiences and get to the root of the problem. I look forward to the sessions and always leave feeling so positive. Her voice is so reassuring and calm during hypnotherapy, and I really look forward to the recordings arriving so that I can continue the good work throughout the week. Each session is personalised and Clare carefully works out what would work best for you. But it’s so much more than hypnotherapy – Clare brings in so many other skills, techniques and resources to our sessions. I have taken away many ideas and made many changes to my life as a result. Clare is a very skilled lady and she is very highly recommended”.

Kath, Brighton
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